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Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD)

Students working around a black table in the Schuster Annexe

Teaching and learning facilities

We aspire to provide a variety of adaptable and innovative learning spaces, facilitating exciting approaches to teaching and learning. In MECD, creativity is not confined to the classroom.

From the blended lecture theatres to the makerspace and student study spaces, MECD will be home to a forward-thinking working environment for our students and researchers.

MECD will be the single largest home for engineering in any UK university. Within the walls of this new campus, students will be able to enjoy spaces and facilities that will support them in developing the skills and understanding through which they will challenge existing ideas, create new ideas and lead change.

MECD recognises the value of bringing people together and building communities. At the heart of the brief is the desire to ensure that the new development will support communication and collaboration through social learning spaces and electronic connectivity, acknowledging the importance of this for students and academics alike.

Learning spaces are changing

Students flourish as independent learners with the support of their academic communities. MECD will deliver a campus where students can come together, work independently and collaborate with staff, all within a variety of learning spaces rather than just in a classroom! 

  • Lecturer presenting to a host of seated students

    Blended lecture theatres

    MECD will be home to two modern blended lecture theatres - one 150-seat theatre and one 200-seat theatre. Blended lecture theatres are designed to allow active participation and collaborative learning to happen naturally in the teaching environment. These theatres will allow traditional lecture formats to blend into group work or student-led tasks, encouraging high-quality teaching and increased student engagement.

  • Fashion retailing students working around a table covered in fabrics and work


    The makerspace in MECD will be a place for students to design and tinker to their heart's content. We believe engineering is about creativity and a trial-and-error attitude. This space will allow students to work independently, in groups and with trained technicians to create and develop projects that supplement their studies. This could be by working on student society projects, entrepreneurial ideas or trying their hand putting their studies into action outside of their formal teaching. The makerspace will inspire the next generation of world-changing engineering ideas.

  • Students sat in a lecture theatre with purple seats

    Tiered lecture theatres

    As well as two blended lecture theatres, MECD will provide a number of fantastic tiered lecture theatres that will be used for a range of purposes. The largest of these will be a 600-seat lecture theatre located at the southern end of MEC Hall. This incredible space will be used for lectures, conferences and important student events such as 'Welcome'. As well as the large 600-seat space, there will also be a 450-seat lecture theatre. This lecture theatre will be dual-purpose and allow lecturers to run advanced demonstrations for students while also lecturing.

  • Three students stood in discussion in workshop

    Teaching workshop and lab spaces

    In MECD, laboratories and workshops will be more visible, encouraging visitors, staff and students to actively engage with engineering. We believe this visibility will be fundamental in helping people understand the incredible creativity encouraged by our engineering courses. With high levels of transparency, workshops and lab spaces become amplified centres of creativity, innovation and identity, where students exchange ideas and inspiration.

  • Student writing on paper on work surface in Schuster Annexe

    Student study spaces

    There will be two types of study space in MECD to facilitate the varying needs of our students - focused study space and informal study space. Focused study space is designed for use between lectures, after classes and for revision; they will have study at the forefront of the design with vibrant and quiet zones to fit all student needs. The informal study space will be similarly multipurpose, but with more space for discussion and meeting with fellow students in group study.

  • Student working on computer surrounded by lots of cables and wires

    Other facilities

    MECD will benefit from an extensive range of multidisciplinary research facilities as well as teaching spaces. Teaching will take place in these research facilities to ensure our students gain a practical understanding of engineering.