The MECD vision

The University of Manchester has embarked on a £1 billion ten year plan to create a world-class, single campus for our students, staff and visitors.

The first phase of this visionary masterplan includes the Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD).

We are investing over £300M to create a new and dynamic engineering campus which will reflect the vision and bold ambitions of the University of Manchester.

Investing in world-class research, teaching and learning

Our new engineering campus will provide a range of modern facilities in a bespoke environment, to support our excellent research, teaching and learning in the 21st century.

We will provide spaces which our staff deserve and students expect; leading the way with innovative technology and working practices.

Our identity – past, present and future

Manchester is the home of pioneers and we continue to be led by discovery.

Our new engineering campus will reflect pride in our rich academic and civic heritage, whilst showcasing our ongoing advancement in research and education.

A vibrant, consolidated campus

MECD will deliver a sense of vibrancy by consolidating and welcoming the four engineering Schools into the heart of our campus

Providing a platform for industry and welcoming the community

Modern, visible spaces will facilitate interdisciplinary work and showcase its real-world impact, making us the partner of choice for industry.

The new engineering campus will welcome the community and be a destination where engineering is on display and revolutionary science is visible to all.