We understand with any project, there will be questions.

We aim to keep our FAQs page updated as and when developments happen.

  • What will happen to the old UMIST site?
    The future of Sackville Street campus is under consideration within the University’s campus masterplan.
    A MECD heritage project is scoping out options for the preservation, relocation and recording of our history on the site. You can find out more about this aspect of the project by visiting our heritage pages.
  • How is the development being funded?
    The Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD) is part of the first phase of the University’s £1 billion ten-year Campus Masterplan. As part of this project MECD is solely self-funded by the University of Manchester.  
  • Will there be disruption to the nearby roads and access points and if so, how will this be managed?
    No disruption is planned at the moment. Any such activity will be planned in conjunction with Manchester City Council and communicated when it has been agreed. 
  • When will the construction work begin?
    The demolition of the Grosvenor Halls begins in May 2015.

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